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by Vicky M.

Why is it me?
All the comments
They get to you eventually
Whether they’re true or not
It doesn't matter
How do I get out?
There's no light at the end of this tunnel,
My life's a never-ending circle
Of abuse and torture
Me, the one who used to smile
What ever happened?
The bullies
The devil’s children
It got worse and worse
"Tell someone" the comments are
You do, and what happens?
It gets worse
Crying to myself with nowhere to go
No one to understand
Where did it all go so wrong?
What did I do so badly
To deserve this living hell?
Where do I hide?
In sleep?
In the dark?
Does it matter?
My thoughts and imagination are free
That's worse
It's like living in sealed box
In space
You can cry and shout
Plead for help
But no one hears you
You can't escape
And every day it gets smaller
Till you can't turn
Without one of them there
Their comments and actions
Now hurt not physically
But mentally
And it won't go away
It's like an imprint
That will always be in my mind

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