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Make sure the lights are on and it's day time... you never know if that person next to you is a vampire!

The Vampire

by Kholil Uddin, 11
There lived a little boy named Timothy; people called him Tim for short.He believed that vampires existed. One day, he said to his big sister, Tara: “I’m going to catch a vampire, no matter how long it takes.”

Tara giggled, “Vampires don’t exist.”

Tim shouted, “Vampires do exist and I’m going to find one in the forest!”

“Calm down, okay, vampires exist then,” Tara said.

“That’s better,” Tim replied.Tara whispered, “Not!” and giggled.

Tim told his Mum and Dad, “I’m going to the forest.”

Tim’s Mum and Dad didn’t mind. They just said to Tim: “Be careful son. Take care of your self.”

“Okay," agreed Tim. He went outside to hunt for a vampire in the forest. He met a young boy who was lost in the forest who said, “Can you help me to find my Mum and Dad? They got kidnapped by a flying man with a long canine teeth.”

Tim knew it was a vampire so he replied, “Yes, but I need your help.”

The boy agreed, “Okay.”

“What is your name?” Tim asked

“My name is Martin.”

“Do you know where the vampire went?”

Martin pointed to the left. Tim said, “ Lets go and save your parent and kill the vampire!”

Both boys walked across the forest until they saw a castle.They both stared at the castle and Tim exclaimed, “ Whoa, now that’s a big castle!”
He took out his camera and took a photo.

There was a path leading to the castle. They followed it. There was a massive door and they knocked. The vampire’s servant opened the door. Martin asked, “May we come in?”

The servant replied, “You may do so.”

Tim and Martin went in. The servant went to the vampire and informed him: “There are two stranger to see you, sir.”

The vampire answered, “ I’ll be there in a minute.”

After a minute, he came to see the two boys.

“What do you want from me?” he asked. Martin whispered to Tim, “He’s the one who took my parents.” Tim saw an umbrella next to him. He quickly grabbed it and smacked the vampire on his head. The vampire fell down with a bruise at the top of his head.

The two boys ran as fast as they could. They arrived in front of three doors. Martin said, “Behind one of these doors are my parents.”

They opened the first door. Suddenly bats rushed out and started chasing them. Martin and Tim ran fast to the second door, went in and locked themselves in so the bats couldn’t get them. They stood panting. Tim said to Martin, “We have trouble.”

It was the vampire. They both screamed before running for the third door. Martin saw his parents and ran to hug them. Martin’s parents said, “We missed you, Martin.”

“Tim saved our lives, Mum,” Martin said.

“How did you get here?” his Mum asked. Martin replied, “It’s a long story.’”

“We need to get out of here,” Tim interrupted. Knock knock. Someone was knocking at the door. They knew it had to be the vampire. Martin found a big wooden cricket bat. Tim opened the door. Martin got the cricket bat and with a big bam, hit the vampire’s head. The vampire fell down again, unconscious. They all escaped from the castle and out of the forest. Martin and his parents said to Tim, “Thank you for killing the vampire hunter for us.”

Tim didn’t understand at first. Then he saw Martin and his parents’ canine teeth growing longer. They had fangs! He realised they were vampires.

The vampires sucked Tim’s blood for dinner while Martin told the long story.

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