writing circle
a whacky story created by a group of young people from Web Writers' Workshop Summer School 2004

The Box

by Azeezat Adetola, Aabid Ebrahim, Aisha Mahmood, Amar Mahmood,
Shobana Sabanathan, Edwin Ssekabira, Mathusanthi Sunthararajan and Jeffery Yebonh.
The green misty steam was rising from the floor.

Then everyone got scared. The mist stopped.

And a box rose from the floor.

The box kept changing colour until it turned red.

The box opened and ghosts appeared and it was really smelly.

People shouted, "What a nasty smell!"

The people ran away from the box.

Afterwards, a small boy called Luke ran out of the dirty toilets and found himself in the big room with the box.

He started screaming.

Because the box had legs.

But these legs weren’t ordinary.

They turned hairy and eventually turned into an eight-eyed, eight-legged freak spider.

Then the spider choked and Luke’s best friend Tom fell out of its mouth.

It was actually Tom's ghost, which grabbed Luke and took him into the spider's mouth.

Luke screamed because he didn't want to go in.

Tom went into the spider after him.

Suddenly the doors burst open.

Then Luke's Dad came running into the room and blasted the spider with a scorching x-ray gun.

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