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by Tanya Harrison

The world is a crazy place
And sometimes you just need to bleed
So you cut your intentions
And you need to be set free
You know tomorrow is Monday
And yesterday is gone
You want it to be over
So you can carry on
The bright light shining darkness
And the cold is making you warm
So you put on your sunglasses
And ride out that storm
Itís been an hour in a moment
Some things never change
And you smile
Cause the trouble makes you happy
And the tears just make you laugh
Hide behind the curtain
And put tomorrow in the past
It all goes round in circles
But you donít know where you are
You may have just left
Youíve come so fucking far
The interactive silence
Is solid and is torn
You walk out of your mentality
And something new is born
You know whatís going to happen
You take it as you can
You need someone to find you
So that you can learn to stand
On your own
And then you smile
You put it all away
To save it up for another day
Or lock away the key
And then you smile
You swallow your emotion
And put your fears aside
Choke on all the memories
That you keep deep inside
You travel at a constant speed
And always read the signs
Everyone is trying
Everyone is blind
You turn the sadness and the sorrow
Upside down and make it right
Take a look outside your window
Cause everything that is wrong
Is now in sight
Look off into the distance
The sun might be in the sky
Take that deep breath
And then you start to cry
And then you smile
And stop and smell the flowers
And you breathe the morning air
And you smile...
And you smile...
So you put it all away
To save it up for another day
Or lock it up and throw away the key
Or you could let it free
And then you smile
Let it free
And smile.

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