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Stories Section: Read to enjoy... and be sure to rate each story at the end!
If you want to submit your work or know someone who will, send the short story to me sulthana@nypo.net with a profile description you want next to your name or story, plus any particular ideas such as pictures or backgound detail of your story. I'll only accept short stories, so please make sure your story is not more than 3,000 words.

Short Stories

Second Earth -

an adventure out of this world! !!NEW!!

All Alone -

Hope even after going through harsh bullying

Inexplicable -

A detective story that starts with a mysterious murder.

The Box -

A mysterious green mist starts this story off...

A Cruel World -

One death that could be the beginning of more...

A Child's View -

A poignant story written through a child's eye

Caitlin -

A camping trip leads to a terrible death

Danny the Dog and the Hungry Wolf -

Whacky tale with the moral: Don't eat your friend!

Home Before Eleven -

What a girl gets up to behind her parent's back...

The Vampire -

Blood and vampires: must mean a scary adventure!

Story Games

Story Maker -

Create your own mad story!

You be the Hero -

Short, crazy tales that feature you!

Story Chain -

Add your link to this chain story!

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