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Stop And Wonder
by Charlotte Whittenbury and Stephanie Caie

She struts up and down the corridor and acts as though she's hard.
She laughs with glee when seeing people get hurt
I feel so lonely and I stop and I wonder what I have done to deserve this.
I wonder....
I hear those familiar footsteps, the walls are shaking
I try and camouflage though I know I can't
The force of the push throws me down the corridor
I bang my head and shout NO!
But it won't stop, stop, stop
My way home is a deathly twisted ribbon I start
Dreading it from the moment first lesson finishes until the last bell goes.
I am walking home
She is behind me
Her breath burns my head
I can feel her predators eyes swooping over me with huge wings.
I carry on walking though my mind stops and wonders
I wonder...
Mum is in my face, a sad sight she wonders
The bully is always near
When tea time comes I feel sick and can't eat
All night my dreams are full of those familiar footsteps
No sleep but still I get up
I want to miss the bus but Mum catches me so I have to go
I wonder if it will STOP today
My mind thinks about nothing else but her footsteps
A whirlpool scours my mind for any horrible memories about
Her and replays them till I am sick
I feel like I am dying in life
I have to keep going
But all I can do is wonder if it will ever stop

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