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Sum1 wrth the effort of lookin up xtra txts... must b sum1 special!

Special txt msgs
Its hard at times 2 keep in touch
wiv those who mean so much
but side by side or far apart
u'l always live inside my heart
ur so nice, ur so kind
1 in a million so hard 2 find
so wen u get this, think it thru
the 1 who sent it must think the world of u!
As special as a rainbow, as brite as a star
As sweet as a rose, thats what u r!
If ur a chocolate... ur da sweetest
If ur a teddybear... ur da most huggable
If ur a star... ur da britest
But ur da best... wen ur u!
tho we're far apart, i kno exactly where u r
every second, every moment, rite here in my heart!
Because of u, i hav a reason...
2 smile
2 care
2 dream
u really mean alot 2 me.
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