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Special txt msgs
If I was trapped, wud u set me free?
If I sold my soul, wud u buy it back 4 me?
If I lit a fire, wud u guard the flame?
If I said I miss u, wud u say the same?
i'm sendin u a super duper xtra squeezy squishy nuzzle huggle knock-u-down blow-u-over breathtaking awesome un4getable HUG... coz ur so sweet!
If I could give u 1 thing in life, it would b the ability 2 c ureself thru my eyes... Only then wud u realise how special u r 2 me.
Some1... Is Lovin U, Carin 4 U, Watchin Over U, Protectin U. Guess who?
...Not me! LOL!
Nobody is perfect... but ur so close itís scary!
Dear frend, do u take me 2 b ur lawful txt m8, 2 hav n 2 hold, 4 sweet msgs & stupid jokes, In txt msging & in poor signal, til low battery do us part?
U can neva change da past nor control da future, but u can change da mood of da day by touchin sum1ís Ďprivate partí ...the heart! Now ur smiling!
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