writing circle

Sum1 wrth the effort of lookin up xtra txts... must b sum1 special!

Special txt msgs
Sum1 sumwhere dreamz of ur smile
& while thinkin of u sayz life's wrthwhile
So wen ur lonely remember its true
Sum1 sumwhere is thinkin of u!
Sum say it...
Sum think it...
Sum know it...
But I mean it...
Ur so sweet.
Ppl close 2 my heart deserve 2 b remembered not only 2day but everyday. Miss you!
WaNNa... KiSS U, Hug U, HoLd U, SqUeeZe U, GraB U, BiTe U, PamPer U, Pleasure U, ToucH U, but most of all...
I want 2 spend my life with U.
I + opposite of W + initial of Ice + twice the letter b4 T + 3/4 of X + 15th letter + 1/2 of O = ?
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