writing circle

Sum1 wrth the effort of lookin up xtra txts... must b sum1 special!

Special txt msgs
yes u, da hot 1 holding this fone
i can c u smiling
& u kno wat
i think ur so sweet
just thot id txt & say... hi!!!
tiny stars shinin brite
its time 4 me 2 say gudnite
so close ur eyes & snuggle up tite
im wishin u sweet dreams & goodnite.
sumtyms my MIND asks why
i miss u, care 4 u, remembr u, txt u
then my HEART answers
its simply bcos... I LUV U
if u wanna kno how much i miss u, try 2 catch raindrops
the ones u catch is how much u miss me
and the ones u miss is how i miss u
end ur day especially by thinking of...
& me...
& me...
& me...
... & only me.
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