writing circle
This poem is an absolute mover. Should have you in tears!

Mummy went to Heaven
by Unknown

Mummy went to Heaven
But I need her here today.
My tummy hurts and I fell down,
I need her right away.
Operator, can you tell me
How to find her in this book?
Is Heaven in the yellow part?
I donít know where to look.
I think my Daddy needs her too
At night I hear him cry.
I hear him call her name sometimes
But I really donít know why.
Maybe if I call her
She will hurry home to me.
Is Heaven very far away,
Is it across the sea?
Sheís been gone a long, long time
She needs to come home now!
I really need to reach her
I simply donít know how.
Help me find the number please
Is it listed under ĎHeavení?
I canít read these big, big words
I am only seven.
Iím sorry operator,
I didnít mean to make you cry.
Is your tummy hurting too?
Or is there something in your eye?
If I call my church
Maybe theyíll know.
Mummy said when we need help
Thatís where we should go.
I found the number to my church
Tacked up on the wall.
Thank you operator,
Iíll give them a call.

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