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Now That You've Gone
by Natasha

My friend commited suicide last year at 14 years of age
because of bullying and this is my poem for her.

they called you names
they hurt you bad
and now we are the ones that are very sad
why couldn't they see
just what you meant to me
you were the secret holder
the one we loved
and now where are you
you took your life because of them
but they are no better than me or you
you should have seen the way we saw you
we loved you
you cared for us and now where are you
you life is gone our little angel
because of some heartless people
took your self esteem
and now your gone
you made them believe that they are stronger
but they weren't you were
you just didn't see it
well emma it is time
for you to set your wings free and fly
best of friends forever
rest in peace
see you when it's my time to leave

Bullies are Nothing but Cowards | | Head Relief

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