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Pulling Through
by Laurey

I really donít want to
be feeling this way
not listening at all
pushing people away
what they just don't realise
is Iím crying out for help
I need somebody, anybody
but what I'm feeling I can't tell
I know how much I'd hurt you
but Iím choked so I can't breathe
I know I don't belong here
I think I better leave
all I ever wanted was someone
who told me I was special
deserved so much more than all this pain
cause my heart isn't made of metal
it took all the strength I have ever had
to pull myself right through
but all I knew within my heart
is it's what I had to do
I see that girl I used to be
that just could not escape
the friendly smile, happy face
the way she was portrayed
no one knew deep down inside
that her life was just a fast joyride
she knew that it would end in tears
but there was no way to ease her fears
Iím looking back on who I was
before I found a way
to talk, express the way I feel
thatís why Iím here today
I know it may seem that thereís no way out
but there is, I know without a doubt
I don't want to see you hurt like me
honey, I have to make you see
you're worth so much more
than having to listen
to hurtful words
cause you know you can glisten
you deserve to just smile
without having to fake
all the walls that surround you
you'll find ways to break

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