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Stop And Think
by Laurey

I look down upon my grave today
surrounded by flowers, where sleeping I lay
so many regrets for what I have done
I took my own life, I could only live once
now I am peaceful, but never at rest
as my soul is still breathing deep within my chest
so many friends, a difference I made
someone is crying tears upon my grave
I see there my mum, a picture of pain
my heart is still living but my body is drained
what I would do just to hug her again
tell her I love her, stop tears being shed
I never thought of the pain I could cause
hearts I had shattered, lives I had torn
just because of those hurtful things
that heartless girl had said to me
wish that I could make her pay
if she had thought I'd be here today
but instead, I'm lying in my grave
with things that I could never say
words I needed off my chest
now that I will never rest.
I was self absorbed, just thinking of me
looking back on how I could have been
I know my mind was in a trance
and I will never have a second chance
I should have thought before I met my death
Iím sorry now, took my last breath
for all you people who feel so down,
take a minute, look around
thereís always people there for you
those people who will help you through
suicide isnít the way
the message carved upon my grave.

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