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The Angel Within
by Laurey

crimson tears poured from her wrists
her body lifeless, her world a mist
swept under by waves of hurt and pain
struggling for breath, but never again
the words, the rumours tore her apart
scars cut through, right from her heart
her skin a mess, but her soul alive
wishing, praying not to die
but over this she had no control
her strength is dying, growing old
the light is fading, her angel gone
her death is near but the reason wrong
donít try to help me, just let me die
let me drown in my sorrows, the tears I cry
what she is saying, will never make sense
until you have been through her pain so intense
the memories held within do nothing but hurt
a life without meaning drops blood on her shirt
the reason of nothing, the truth held within
her body not soul trapped inside a coffin
her reasons, her pain, her stories live on
trying and striving, her memory lives strong
sheís trying to tell you, her body canít speak
for now she is dead, she is helping the weak
her angel still there, always by her side
watching above on her body and mind
the angel within they call it her soul
the angel that helps all her stories unfold
a lesson to others that strength is within
the bullies are weak, do not let them win.

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