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School You Hurt
by Jasleen

Tomorrow I face another day of fear,
My heart will never, ever dare

To smile, to laugh, to giggle and lark.
This horrible feeling within has a left a mark.

I pray for fun, I pray for joy,
I pray for every girl and boy.

To be happy, to never frown.
My watery tears in which I will drown.

I do nothing until until I'm told.
The insults about me are treacherous and so cold.

Why does the sky fall down on me?
Do I have the secret key?

To unlock the door to my perfect life.
Nobody will ever know,

How many tears that I cry with an unhappy flow.
I feel helpless, I feel stiff.

I wish that school was a great big myth.
But no, this painful school life is real,

To God, I have made this deal.
I'll fake the laughter I don't feel,

And hopefully, after a few more years,
This wounded girl, will forever be healed.

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