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A mysterious death... and you get to write the ending!


by Rizwan Rashid, 13
This story will not be finished. YOU will be given a chance to submit in your own version of the ending so that the story will be multiple-ended! It's very easy, all you have to do to submit your ending is to write it and send it via the forum or by email to sulthana@nypo.net.

This story takes place in London, back in 1920s. It is set in Lord Walter's 25 acres mansion, a place in the middle of the good old English countryside. In this mansion, a murder takes place and Detective Claude Francois and his assistant Jean Paul are called in to investigate. Both of these gentlemen are professional French detectives. But nothing fits in the murder, leaving Claude and Jean Paul baffled and it leaves you to read on!

"Any news, Monsieur?" asked Jean Paul. He walked in through the glass door of the greenhouse and knelt down by his superior.
"There is something very bizarre about all this," Claude noted to himself, "it just doesn't fit."

His French accent made him sound very professional, but in his twelve years as a private detective, he had never seen something like this. He had investigated all kinds of murders in all kinds of places, but mainly in francophone areas. And to everyone's amazement, he would always get to the bottom of the case. It was not like him to be confronted with a situation where he didn't know what to do.

The murderer had left so many clues behind, but they didn't make sense. They didn't have anything in common, no relation at all. He looked at the body; a massive butcher's knife stuck in the middle of the heart with bloodstains everywhere. Jonathan's killer had to be someone from the mansion...

...He was sure about this because the crime happened at teatime, which was three'o'clock. And at this time of the day all the family members of the mansion would be having tea in the main sitting room. But the housemaids and other servants would be having tea in the kitchen. The only outsider would be the evening milkman who normally arrived at 3:30pm. And on that day, the gardener saw him swapping the empty bottles with the filled ones at exactly 3:26pm and saw him leave at 3:41pm, a bit later than usual. So Claude presumed that he arrived at around 3:20 pm.

Claude was wondering whether it was a coincidence that the milkman, arriving at 3:20 pm left at 3:41 pm, exactly 2 minutes before Jonathan's body was discovered by the gardener in the greenhouse. It was quite strange that it took him 21 minutes to do something that should take him 10 minutes.

...But if all this was leading to the conclusion that the milkman spent 11 minutes doing something else, maybe a murder, then it would not make sense because the only door to the greenhouse was locked by the only key, which was in possession of the gardener while he was having tea. So there was no way for the milkman to get into the greenhouse without the key or breaking in, which was not the case.

Claude was confused. He wanted to scratch the milkman's name out of his suspects' list but he couldn't; the milkman had spent more time than needed at the mansion and this was suspicious. He scratched his head and looked at the next clue...

Now you have a chance to carry on the story! Write down your ending and send them in either by email or use the forum.

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