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by Heather D

I'm so upset
I can't go on
I want to die
They made me cry

They called me names
They pulled my clothes
They sprained my wrist
They broke my nose

They followed me home
They tripped me up
They stole my diary
They ripped it up

They really scared me
They made me bleed
One had a knife
One had speed

I didn't tell
I kept it quiet
Seven black eyes
My lip sliced with wire

I'm sorry, Mum
I'm sorry, Dad
Hope you understand
It was really bad

The hurt was too much
As well as the pain
If it didn't stop
I would have gone insane

I felt trapped
I felt alone
I couldn't cope
I was on my own

I went to bed
I cried all night
Every night the same
Until I died.

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