writing circle

These will hav ur sides splittin!

Funny txt msgs
if u save this msg, then im buff
if u edit this msg, im still buff
if u forward this msg, ur tellin ppl im buff
n if u delete this msg, ur just jealous cos im buff.
sweet candies r nice 2 eat
sweet words r easy 2 say
but sweet ppl r hard 2 find
oh my gosh how did u find me?!
frm the 1st time i saw u, ur eyes, ur smile, ur lips, everything abt u, i cudnt stop myself frm singing: Who let the dogs out? woof woof!
1 day u'l be surprised 2 c me beside u...
u & me laughing
u & me crying
u & me dreaming
just u & me sitting in a
wudntufinditannoyingifsum1uknewsentuamsgwithnospaceanduspendages trying2figureitoutonly2realisetherewasnopointinthemmessagingxcept2sayhello!
roses r red
violets r blue
monkeys like u
shud be kept in the zoo
dont be angry
i'l b there 2
not behind a cage
but laughing at u!
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