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this cat is cat a cat good cat way cat to cat keep cat a cat idiot cat busy cat for cat 20 cat seconds... now read it without saying cat!
I wantd 2 send u sumthing nice 2 make u smile...
but da postman told me 2 get out of da postbox!
I want u 2 kno that our frendship meanz alot 2 me. U cry, i cry. U laugh, i laugh. U jump out da window... i look down & then... i laugh again!
If ur alone, i'l b ur shadow.
If u cry, i'll b ur shoulder.
If u want a hug, i'l be ur pillow.
If u need 2 b happy, i'l b ur smile.
If u need money... w8 4 ur salary!
Evrything abt u is perfect- ur lips, ur skin, ur eyes, ur body. Perfect! Ur lucky 2 b born so beautiful, unlike me who was born 2 b a big liar!
There are 3 signs to old age:
1. loss of memory... i can't remember the other 2.
u r sum1 special...
u r sum1 i care abt...
u r sum1 i'l neva 4get...
w8 a minute...
wats ur name again??!!
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