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Funny txt msgs
ur cute n sexy, fit n fine
the only problem is ur not mine
ur bodys nice ur personality 2
theres only 1 thing rong... this msg aint 4 u!
u? i thot i cud trust u, & say nething 2 u but u had 2 open ur big mouth, i'l neva trust u agen! stop tellin evry1 im so bloody... gorgeous!
u took me 2 a dark alley...
u put ur hand on my waist...
u took off my top...
put ur lips on mine...
thank god, im only a bottle of Coke!
last nite i dreamt of U!
dis mornin my 1st thot was of U!
i thot of U da whole day 2day!
i think i like U!
2mrw i'l think of V, den W, X, Y & Z!
i want u...
2 b wiv me...
in a lovely...
takin a nice..
candle dinner...
& say those 3 words 2 u...
try readin it aloud:
"kuak ka hok ki ki ko ke ke kiki"
u'v just masterd the language of...
apes & now u r a fully grown monkey!
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