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Page 4. Let ur m8s no how much their frendship meanz!

Friends txt msgs
if ur lukin 4 sum1 2 hug pres down...
sum1 2 smile at pres dwn...
sum1 who cares 4 u pres dwn..
a frend is a soul who's willin 2 stay
who givs u a smile that blows u away
i'v bin blessd wiv a gift so tru
cos life gave me a frend like u
Neva giv up if u stil wana try
Neva wipe ur tears if u stil wana cry
Neva settl 4 an answr if u stil wana kno
Neva say u dnt care if u stil cant let it go.
Im ur teddy wen u need a hug
Im ur air wen u need a breath
Im ur tears wen u need a cry
Im ur joke wen u need a laugh
& I am me wen u need me
mountains may vanish, rivers may dry
u may 4get me but neva wud i
so wen ur lonely & dont kno wat 2 do
always remember im here 4 u.
a single candle can illumin8 an entire room
a true frend lights up an entire lifetime
thanx for the bright lights of ur frendship.
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