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Page 3. Let ur m8s no how much their frendship meanz!

Friends txt msgs
A friend like u makes days rosy
Summers brite and winters cosy.
U r gr8 2 know but hard 2 find
Thanx 4 being that special kind!
If u ever see a falling star, make a wish 4 it may come true
Cos d last time I did I found a m8 like u!
Friends r like balloons; Once u let them go, u can neva get them back. Thatís y Iíll tie u tight 2 my heart. U r 2 precious 2 lose!

We may go separate wayz, liv difrent lyvs, do difrent thingz, beliv in difrent aspectz, bt 4 as long as we beliv we r frends, we wil 4eva b.
FRIENDSHIP VOUCHER: This entitles u 2 an unlimited amount of love, care & advice! Expiry date: NEVA
Wen Iím not txting u, it doesnít mean Iív 4gotten u. Iím just givin u time 2 miss me!
Frends r like starz... u do not always see them but u no they r always ther. Just like u.
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