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Friends txt msgs
Life is like the ROADS we travel on...
Sum r smooth sum r rough n sum I'd rather 4get...
but there's 1 road I wont regret...
the road where we met n bcame frends.
Life can b hard & not always fun
But as nite brings dark, mornin brings sun
Wen life gets tough & nobody seems 2 care
Giv me a call & I'll be there!

In ur darkest hour wen ur fed up n blue
Just remember dis, I'll alwayz b here 4u
I'm no angel n I cant change ur f8
but I'll do nething cos ur my m8.
Some broken heartz neva mend...
Some memories neva end...
Some teardrops neva dry...
My frendship 4 u wil neva die.
this is hug frm out of the blue... 2 let u know im thinking of u!
Every1 wants 2 b the sun that lights up ur life...
but i'd rather b the moon, so i can shine on u during ur darkest hour.
hearts can only b hurt 4 a while
feet can only walk a mile
clothes wont 4eva b in style
but havin u as my frend is 4eva worthwhile.
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