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Let ur m8s no how much their frendship meanz!

Friends txt msgs
a simple hello can be so sweet
H = how r u?
E = everything ok?
L = like to hear from u
L = love to c u
O = obviously i miss u
so... hello!
One day Love & Friendship met. Love askd Friendship: why do u exist if i already exist? Frendship replied: to put a smile where u put tears!
if u eva need sum1 & ther r 100 steps btwn us, u take the 1st step 2 get near me... & i'l take the other 99 steps 2 b ther 4 u.
my fone loves it wen u txt: its litl face lites up, bursts in2 beeps & has ur name written al ova it! i think u shud txt mor often, i think it likes u!
all the heartache & the pain
wen u feel ur going insane
& u feel u can no longer bear
i'l b ther coz i care.
sumtyms life gets so bz, i cant even say hi
make a call or send a reply
but it doesnt mean i forget u
bcos in my heart i keep u 4eva.
i sent my cares 2 the wind & asked it 2 pass them to u
so evrytime u feel the wind, thats me thinking of u!
the sky is full of stars but the moon is u!
the earth is full of frendz but the best is u!
2 4get me is up2 u, but 2 4get u i will neva do!
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