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by Emma C Brown

Why is it that I sit right here,
And here you laugh, bitch and sneer.
Why is it that the looks you show,
Never change, just makes me low.
Why is it me you love to hurt,
And treat like a piece of dirt.
How can you be so harsh and unfair?
Once I thought you might have cared!

All I want is to be noticed
All I want is a smile
All I need is to be cared for
And remembered once in a while.

I don't want to be laughed at
I don't want to be forgotten
I don't need bitchy comments
Or to feel down right rotten

Why do you say that I'm a freak
Why can't you be more discreet
Why do you always have a go
I'm not that tough, it's easy to show.
How can you be so selfish and not share
You don't know how it feels,
You donít really care.

I wish I could help you understand
The damage you can cause
With the wave of your hand.
I hope someday you'll remember me
The girl you hurt so carelessly.

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