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The Real Me
by Emily

On my bed is where I lie
Not knowing whether to run or cry
Not knowing whether to live or die
Everytime we get in a fight he thinks I'm high

When he yells I'll yell back
Waiting for him to attack
He always threatens to hit me to make me bleed
But that I'd like to, see yes indeed

But Dad, that doesn't mean that I smoke pot
Now you threaten to send me to jail, that's fine
Find any charges, I don't give a hell
And when they get here, I'll tell them about last time

So you'll come with me,
And we'll be cell mates, you see
Then we'll have time to talk
About the real me

But don't call the police
Dont even bother,
You aint got nothing on me
You're just MY FATHER.

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