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Danny the Dog and the Hungry Wolf

by Veronia Sudharshini Anandaraaj, 12

Once upon time there was a very magical Dog City near a forest, which was full of creepy crawlies. Dogs in the Dog City could talk every language, and they even walked with two legs. They ate with their dog hand-made bone spoons. They called them bone spoons because they were made of skeletons.

Near the forest there lived just one single lonely, greedy and ugly wolf. He was weird because he ate stuff which he was not supposed to eat.

There was only one dog in the city who had a mum and his name was Danny. But Danny hated his Mum. So one day the ugly old wolf came to Danny's house and he wanted to eat him. But Danny shouted. "Stop! Don't eat me, you see I got only a couple of skeletons." Then Danny whispered, "Why don't you eat my mum? You see she is fat and yummy."

So he let the wolf eat his Mum. And then the wolf and the dog became friends. After a couple of days Danny did not have any other friends because they thought that he might let the wolf eat them. And so Danny did when the wolf was hungry; he let the wolf eat his friends and so on it went. The whole city was eaten by the wolf.

Now the last dog left was Danny, so the wolf came the next day and said to Danny, "Danny, my best friend, looks like we've got nothing to eat, so sorry, my friend, it looks like I have to eat you!"

Danny said, "No! Don't eat me, I'm your best friend... your only friend! Why don't you become a vegetarian?"

"No!! I know. Why don't you steal some meat from the next door Human city," suggested the Wolf. Danny shouted, "NO!! I don't steal! My Mum's spirit will come to me and she might take me to hell as well."

"Then I think I need to eat you," said the Wolf.

"OK, OK, I'll steal!" answered Danny. So Danny started to steal. But one day a Human saw Danny. The Human chucked Danny in the bin. Danny got really scared. So he went to the Wolf and said, "Sorry friend, I can't go there, the Humans are chucking me in some stinky, round things."

"Oh, you chicken! Shame on you, I can't believe you are getting scared by Humans. If it was me I'll teach them a good lesson," boasted the Wolf.

"How dare you call me a chicken! Do you think I look like a chicken?" demanded Danny. "Why, of course you are a chicken or other wise you will not be scared of Humans!" replied the Wolf. "Any way there is no time to talk. I need to eat you because I'm very hungry now and tired of talking!"

"Oh no, you don't!" shouted Danny. And he started to run away. The Wolf chased him. He chased and chased and chased until the he was tired but Danny still ran. He ran until he reached another Human place called Newham. There were dogs there too. Danny was lonely as he walked on the wobbly road. Suddenly there was a big BANG!! Danny was caught by a dog catcher. The Dogcatcher put Danny in a cage where other dogs were. But still, Danny was happy because he had enough food to eat and was not eaten by a Wolf or any other carnivorous animals.

In Dog City, the greedy Wolf was starving. So after a few days, the Wolf started to eat grass and plants and became a vegetarian.

Danny lived with a human who bought him for money from the Dogcatcher so Danny, Wolf and the Humans lived happily ever after.

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