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Ur in the rite place 4 sum heavenly txt msgs 2 send 2 an angel of urs!

Angels txt msgs
Like a fallen angel, u fel in2 my life
U made me smile wen things weren't rite
If hugs were water, i'd send u the sea
cos that's how much u mean 2 me!
If sum1 comes in2 ur life & bcoms a part of u, but 4 sum reason cudnt stay
dont be 2 sad but b happy 4 the joy they gave u 4 that litl while.
I wish that angels will hold u tight
& keep u in sight,
not just 2 make u feel alryt
but 4 u 2 hav all d best things in life
I once askd an angel 2 watch over a friend. The next day the angel came back n sed that an angel doesnt watch over anothr angel!
I sent an angel 2 u last nite 2 watch over u while u were sleeping. She came back n said u wer cute. I slapped her n sed, ‘stupid Angel, u went 2 the wrong hse!’
someday somehow wateva u prayd 4 wil come true. it may not b in the near exact package u wantd but it wil b wat God thinks is best 4 u.
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