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Ur in the rite place 4 sum heavenly txt msgs 2 send 2 an angel of urs!

Angels txt msgs
Life lies ahead of u like a sheet of snow
Be careful how u tread coz every mark will show
It must’v bin a rainy day wen u were born... but it wasnt really rain. The sky was crying bcos it lost its most beautiful angel
As I woke up this morning an angel came smiling & askd, “Wots ur wish 4 2day?” I paused 4 a while & told her not 2 wory bout me but take care of u insted.
close ur eyes & make a wish,
angels will b ther 2 blow u a kiss
they'l guide u thru & make ur dreams cum tru
like the way they did 4 me wen i askd 4 a frend like u.
May the angels protect u...
May sadness 4get u...
May goodness surround u...
& may happiness b around u.
u kno they say God sends down angels to read our thots... so i try not to think abt u... cos if my angel reads my thot, he will adore u as much as i do.
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