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by Alexandra Galvis

As I make my way to school each day
To see the girls who break my soul
I wish I could tell the bullies in my school
Can you be kind and not so cruel?

And it starts and lasts all day
I cannot stand it, go away
Just close your eyes and you will see
All the memories that you have engraved in me

I think to myself
There is no pain, there is no fear
So dry away that silent tear
It's not that easy you must know

I'm not a project of anybody
I'm not your pity either for you to be my friend
Give me a chance so you can see
There is nothing strange about me

That you have not let them see
I ask myself will this ever end?
I just feel empty time to time inside me
Sooner or later I'll break down and cry

Let the darkness fill the room
I can't get out of it, I can't resume
I feel so alone like a single red rose,
So alone like a story that's never been told
I feel so alone like a sparrow in the sky
Like a bird who cannot fly

I am lucky to have a family like mine
Who understand me and feel pride
Otherwise my world would be dark
With every unpleasant memories
That is left inside me.

Never allow anyone to bring you down
On your mind make these feelings
Make you stronger and put your head up high
Never keep it silent
There is nothing to feel ashamed of
Only to those that join in all that harm.

As I get up in the morning
To prepare myself for school
My body and my mind
Start to get scared and
My life felt very dark inside
I couldn't take it any longer

As I started to share my pain with my mum
I didn't know how to explain to her
It all came out with tears and a broken heart

She couldn't comprehend as I hid it for a while
I showed her every day I was a happy child
Nobody will understand that bullying can make such harm
I ask myself everyday what wrong have I done

Why bullies don't take a day in my shoes
To feel the unpleasantness to feel unwanted
To understand how much damage they have done
When you feel scared and abused inside

If you ever feel you've been bullied
Never feel guilty and keep it shut
Just remember it's not your fault
There are always jealous cowards in this world.

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