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Behind the scenes at the Writing Circle...
The Writing Circle

Welcome! The Writing Circle is a part of Newham Young People Online ( NYPO ), an online community built for young people in Newham. However the audience here is much bigger, as is usual for anything on the internet. The contributions (poetry, stories etc) are from people all around the world, which can be seen from the visitor statistics.

The Writing Circle is here to showcase young people's creative writing talents as well as providing inspiration for others to start their own creative juices flowing.

There are various interactive features, such as voting for your favourite poems and stories, tagboard and guestbook to leave your opinions and reviews in. For further, more regular and more indepth interaction, see the Writer's Circle forum in the NYPO Discussion Board.

To submit comments or contributions, please send in email to sulthana@nypo.net


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Thanks to Kholil Uddin aka Jokeness Monster, for the content of the Jokes section.
Thanks to all the contributors who gave in their writings. Keep them coming!

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